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Bayan-ul-Quran is the Urdu translation of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali with extensive commentary, and includes the Arabic text. The commentary is about twice as long as in the Maulana's famous English translation.

This comprehensive reference work is now available for reading online.

You must install the DjVu plugin into your browser in order to read this book.

Click here to download the DjVu plugin installer for your browser (1.6 Mb). Save this file on your PC and then double-click on it to run the plugin installation program.

Here is an external link for the latest version of the DjVu plugin and information.

After installing the plugin into your browser:

Go here to read Bayan-ul-Quran.

On the page which opens, there is a menu bar that allows you to navigate through the book and set viewing options.

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