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The Holy Quran: English

Arabic text, with English translation, exhaustive commentary, comprehensive Introduction (62 pages) and large Index (60 pages).

Leading English translation. Has since 1917 influenced millions of people all over the world. Model for all later translations. Thoroughly revised by Maulana Muhammad Ali in 1951.

Newly typeset in year 2002 with expanded index (available in hardback version only).

Some original reviews:

“To deny the excellence of Muhammad Ali's translation, the influence it has exercised, and its proselytising utility, would be to deny the light of the sun.” — Maulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi, Indian Muslim scholar, and himself a translator of Quran.

“The first work published by any Muslim with the thoroughness worthy of Quranic scholarship and achieving the standards of modern publications.” — Amir Ali in The Student’s Quran, London 1961.

Read full reviews.

Available now on CD as well.

Special clearance offer on leather-bound, pre-2002 edition: $29.95. Click here for details.

Read the newly typeset Year 2002 Edition online.

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