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CD-ROM version of the English translation of the Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali

The CD contains the book The Holy Quran: Arabic text with English translation and Commentary by Maulana Muhammad Ali, and makes this book viewable on the screen, page by page, exactly as in its printed form.

Using a list of contents on the CD, you can go directly to any chapter and section. The translation and the footnotes can be searched for the occurrence of any given text. In the Index of subjects, you can click on a reference to go directly to that point in the translation. Help information on use of the CD is also provided on it.

The price of the CD is $29.95, which includes shipping within the U.S.A. For shipping outside the U.S.A., we will let you know the cost when your order is received.

Please note that this is not an audio CD. It can only be used in a computer and it enables you to read the above book on the screen.

Order the Holy Quran CD-ROM.

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