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Good News

…And give good news to those who do good (to others)
HQ 22:37

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January 2021: Knowledge - The Bedrock of Our Faith in the Divine
February 2021: Almighty God the Fountain of All Light and Knowledge
March 2021: The Pleasure and Power of Prayer
April 2021: The Significance of Adam in the Quran
May 2021: Whither Palestine
June 2021: Justice in Islam

January 2020: Will 2020 Bring the Balance we Yearn for?
February 2020: Is our Faith in a Superior Intelligence Realistic or Idealistic
March 2020: Coronavirus and the Birth of a Spiritual New World Order
April 2020: The Physical and Moral Health Benefits of Fasting and Healthy Diets
May 2020: Eid ul Fitr
June 2020: Diversity Matters Racism must Fail
July 2020: Seeking the Divine Within Mid ul Adha
August 2020: Martyrdom of Imam Hussain
September 2020: Quranic Guidance for Muslims
October 2020: Muhammad A Mercy to Nations
November 2020: A Tribute to Maulana Hafiz Sher Muhammad
November 2020 (2): Miraculous Nature of Holy Quran
December 2020: Time to Turn to God Almighty

January 2019: Knowledge
February 2019: Luqman
March 2019: Islamophobia
April 2019: Tolerance in Islam
May 2019: In Search of Just Corrupt Free Society
June 2019: Why I Believe in God
July 2019: Predestination, Fatalism and the Nature of Good and Evil
August 2019: Crime and Punishment
September 2019: Diversity a Blessing
October 2019: Depraved Nationalism will destroy us
November 2019: Quran liberates not subjugates women
December 2019: Teachings of the Messiahs

January 2018: Fatiha
February 2018: Environment
March 2018: Muhammad
April 2018: Miraj
May 2018: Shariah
June 2018: Morality
July 2018: War Force
August 2018: Sacrifice
September 2018: Happiness
October 2018: Intoxicants
November 2018: Punishment for Blasphemy
December 2018: Message of Peace

January 2017: Inter-Faith, Islam, Christianity, Judaism
February 2017: Combating Violent Extremism
March 2017: Tolerance An Act of Humanity
April 2017: Uphill Road to Freedom
May 2017: There is a God
June 2017: A Path to Success
July 2017: The State in Islam
September 2017: Celebrating Sanctity of Life
October 2017: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul
November 2017: What Jesus Can Teach Muslims
December 2017: A Critical Look at Extremist Ideology
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