By Ebrahim Muhamed

December 2012


Scholars, Philosophers, Poets, everywhere abound

Too many questions – answers rarely found

In our Pride will we ever say?

That indeed we have lost the way?


Promised by the Praised One

A reflection of that dazzling Sun

Appears, a Slave of Ahmad, His Holy Book to teach

Enlivening groping souls his ÔbreathŐ does reach


Sun and Moon in Holy Nights all doubt dispel

About the One Muhammad did foretell

Who, in lonely recesses of the night

Pleads before Him MankindŐs pitiable plight


Heavenly pen like Grand GeneralŐs scimitar

Skilfully wielded by Slave of Mustapha

Dispelling doubts and darkness all around

Faith, lost in Pleiades, on Earth once more found


Anti Christ, with deadly arguments, in defeat do fall

Enemy bugles a scuttling retreat do call

Ignorance, Prejudice, Falsehood – Demons in his way

With pledged pens, like DavidŐs decreed stones, did slay


The Holy Book now everywhere on every tongue

Praises of the Lord from East to West now sung

Light and Learning distant horizons do grace

Fruits of wisdom weeds of ignorance replace


Sweet saintly revelations - crystal clear!

The Messiah, Thank you Lord, is here!