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The South Africa Ahmadiyya Court Case

In 1982, a member of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Cape Town filed a civil suit against certain bodies of the Muslim religious leaders (principally, the MJC or Muslim Judicial Council) claiming that he is a Muslim and entitled to all the rights of a Muslim, but that these bodies are defaming him by branding the Lahore Ahmadis as unbelievers and apostates, and are also preventing him from exercising his rights as a Muslim because he is a Lahore Ahmadi.

After three years of pre-trial submissions, and the final hearings of the case in November 1985, the Lahore Ahmadis won the case. The MJC had the assistance and support of the foremost anti-Ahmadiyya Muslim religious leaders of the world, as well as leading legal experts from Pakistan (including judges of the highest courts of Pakistan), who went to Cape Town to fight the case, but they were unable to defend their stand-point and eventually withdrew from the case.

The Ahmadiyya Case

In 1987, a book of 358 pages, entitled The Ahmadiyya Case, was published containing full details of the court case. The contents of this book (with some revisions) have been made available below:

Download the entire book:

Click here to download a zip file containing all the above material. The file size is about 380 Kb. Then unzip on your PC and point your browser at your local copy of this file (intro.htm). The zip file does not contain the images mentioned below.

(Note: When you browse your local copy of this page from the zip file, then the above instruction "Click here to download a zip file" is not meaningful and does not apply.)


  1. See photographs from the Case

  2. Report of the Judgment in the Cape Times newspaper
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