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An appeal to members of the Qadiani Jama‘at

Please look at the following four, lengthy statements of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Their English translations are given, along with scanned images of the original Urdu writings from his books. You can confirm these from the collections of his writings published by the Qadiani Jama‘at itself (under the title Ruhani Khaza’in).

  1. He tells all Muslims to regard the word nabi (prophet) as deleted from his writings and replaced with muhaddas (saint), because that is what his status is.
  2. He warns his followers that the words nabi and rasul about him are only metaphorical, they must not be used in everyday talk because it will cause trouble (fitna) in Islam.

  3. He emphasises: After the Holy Prophet Muhammad, no new or former prophet can come.

  4. Only a “wretched imposter” could claim to be a prophet after Prophet Muhammad.

We invite you to read the above writings, to check them in your own publications, and see for yourself that the beliefs taught by your leadership about the claims of the Promised Messiah are the exact opposite of what he actually taught.

Remind yourself that in Islam each individual is responsible for his or her own beliefs. No one can plead before Allah the excuse that “I was only following my Jama‘at and my leader, and didn’t need to use my own sense”.

Ask yourself: if the main beliefs of your leaders about the Promised Messiah’s claims are the opposite of what the Promised Messiah taught, who are you going to follow: your leaders or the Promised Messiah? The choice is yours.

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