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Tribute by Feroz Khan Noon

(Feroz Khan Noon was a Pakistani statesman who was governor of the Pakistani province of East Bengal at the time when Maulana Muhammad Ali died. Later he was also Prime Minister of Pakistan. He wrote the following letter to Mr. N. A. Faruqui, the brother-in-law of Maulana Muhammad Ali who was a high-ranking civil servant. The letter was published in The Light, 8 November 1951.)

16th October 1951

My dear Faruqui

I was very sorry to read in the papers of the demise of Maulana Muhammad Ali. Please accept my deepest sympathy. It is a loss which not only I but the whole Muslim world will share with you fully. His works will remain forever and I do not know of any man who has done so much for the revival of Islam as your brother-in-law, not even during the last 500 years.

Feroz Khan Noon

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