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Islam, My Only Choice


Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din

Founder of the Woking Muslim Mission, England, and ‘The Islamic Review’

In this booklet, the author compares the major world faiths as regards historicity, lives of the founders, beliefs, practices, and revealed scriptures, and shows why his choice of religion falls on Islam.


Deputy Inspector-General Charles William Buchanan Hamilton of the British Royal Navy, upon reading this article in ‘The Islamic Review’ in 1929, wrote:

“I have read the article ‘Islam My Only Choice’ and have decided to join your faith.”

General Buchanan Hamilton came of a well-known Irish family, being the son of Canon John Hamilton of County Galway, cousin to the first Duke of Abercorn, and a nephew of James Buchanan who was at one time American Ambassador in London.


Chapter 1. The historicity of faiths and their founders

  1. Founders of religions
  2. The Holy Prophet Muhammad

Chapter 2. The kaleidoscopic view of religion

  1. Hinduism
  2. Judaism
  3. Christianity
  4. Islam

Chapter 3. Revealed books and their contents

  1. The Bible
  2. The Vedas
  3. The Quran

Chapter 4. The object of revelation

  1. Revelation to exalt man
  2. Quranic revelation is rational, not dogmatic
  3. Articles of faith

Chapter 5. Articles of faith in Islam

  1. Beliefs of religions unsupported by reason
  2. Harmful beliefs of some religions
  3. Belief in atonement
  4. Belief in fatalism and re-incarnation
  5. Universal belief in a Deity
  6. Belief in One God should lead to virtue
  7. The basic Muslim prayer
  8. Comparison of deities
  9. Need and importance of Law
  10. Submission to Divine law in Islam

Publication Data:
Originally published in ‘The Islamic Review’, 1929
Published as part of book ‘Islam Our Choice’, 1961
First published as separate book, 1995
1995 by Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha‘at Islam Lahore, Inc. U.S.A.
All Rights Reserved.
ISBN: 0 - 913321 - 54-0
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