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The Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha`at Islam (Ahmadiyya Association for the propagation of Islam) founded in Lahore, Pakistan, is an international Muslim movement which exists for the purpose of presenting the religion of Islam, in its pure and original form, to the whole world.

This is Islam as taught in the Holy Quran and as illustrated in practice by the Holy Prophet Muhammad. We strongly believe that both non-Muslims and Muslims today desperately need to receive the true message of Islam, which shows that it is a tolerant, rational, progressive, compassionate, peace-loving and highly spiritual religion.

This is so vastly different from the common, distorted image of Islam, which has done enormous damage to the cause and the standing of this faith in the world.

The movement's approach is to try to convince the human mind, intellect, conscience and heart, of the truth of Islam. It works for this objective by presenting reasoned arguments and showing the inherent beauty of Islamic principles and their appeal to true human nature. We also believe that the truth and beauty of Islam must be shown through one's practical life and example.

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