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The Holy Quran: Russian Translation

The Russian version of Maulana Muhammad Ali's English Translation of the Holy Quran with commentary and Introduction has now been published at the close of July 1997. The Russian rendering is the result of seven years of labour by Dr. Alexander Sadetsky, a native Russian who is Director of Russian Studies at Laval University, Quebec, Canada. Indeed, within Dr. Sadetsky's own immediate family there are several linguistic scholars.

Read the whole of this book online.

In the Russian work, the Foreword by the Publisher and the Foreword by the Translator are given in English as well as Russian. We quote below some passages from the Foreword written by Dr. Sadetsky:

"The Holy Quran, translated into English by Maulana Muhammad Ali, one of the most prominent researchers of Islam belonging to the Ahmadiyya Movement, is well known throughout the world. The fame of this particular translation and its commentary has crossed the boundaries of the English speaking world. People living on different continents and belonging to different cultures and religious traditions can now get acquainted with Maulana Muhammad Ali's understanding of the Holy Quran in some of the most widespread languages, such as Spanish, French, German and Chinese. I am delighted that I had an opportunity to participate in this project, delighted that the translation of the Holy Quran, rendered by Maulana Muhammad Ali, which is penetrated by a spirit of tolerance and rationality shall now resound in its Russian version.

"The Russian translation tries to preserve the specificity of the original, where modern English is used to convey (and, in the commentary, to explain) Arabic words pronounced centuries ago. This is why the Russian version constantly oscillates between literal exactitude and fidelity to modern usage. It is with pressing concern not to betray the original, neither in sense nor letter, that we oriented our translation.

"I wish to emphasize that this Russian translation of the Holy Quran would have been impossible without the help of an important number of Russian specialists in the fields of philosophy and history of Islam, researchers of the dialogue between Muslim and Russian cultures, scientists who have been investigating the previous Russian translations of the Holy Quran and comparing their distinctive features, and theorists and practitioners of translation from oriental languages and from English."

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