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Launch of the new Dutch Translation of the Holy Quran, 10th March 2005

Dutch rendering of Maulana Muhammad Ali’s English Translation of the Holy Quran with commentary and introduction

Report and link to Dutch news website video clip


1. Report by Dr Noman Malik

We are very happy to announce that the opening of the Dutch Holy Quran was a great success by the grace of Almighty Allah.

The first day of the offical opening was on 10th March in the auditorium in one of the well known convention centers in Den Haag (The Hague), the Netherlands Congress Center. It was attended by the Minister for Intergration and Immigration Affairs, Ms Rita Verdonk. The previous Prime Minister Mr. A.A.M. Van Agt, several well known university professors, national parliament and municipal parliament members and several interfaith group members also attended the members. Samina Malik presented a copy of the Holy Quran to Minister Verdonk and I presented a copy to previous Prime Minister Van Agt.

The guests greatly appreciated the speeches and the rational and enlightened interpretation of Islam. They were very enthusiastic about the message of the New Dutch Holy Quran. Minister Verdonk’s remarks were carried on TV and reported in the newspapers. The function was repeatedly shown on TV on the following three days. We thank Almighty Allah that the names of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Jama‘at, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Maulana Muhammad Ali were repeatedly mentioned with the Holy Quran.

Three additional very successful conventions, which included the opening of the new addition of the Stitchting mosque, were held. Samina Malik has raised twenty thousand Dollars, seven thousand Euros and eight hundred and fifty Pounds for free distribution of the Dutch Holy Quran to all libraries and universities in Holland and Belgium. We all thank the Stitchting Jamaat for their hard work in organizing the functions. May Almighy Allah reward their efforts! A detailed report will follow later.

2. Video clip on Dutch news website

At this link to a Dutch news website there is a news item about this launch, including a link to play a video news report of the event.

The video links are inside the box headed: Bekijk de video. Please click on the line below that on Modem or ADSL as appropriate to your Internet connection.

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