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A.S. Santoe receives royal honour from the state of Netherlands
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A.S. Santoe receives royal honour from the state of Netherlands

We are pleased to announce that on 30th April 2004, the eve of Holland’s traditional Queen’s Day, our dear brother Mr. August Abdul Samad Santoe, the representative in Europe for the Central Ahmadiyya Anjuman Lahore, was awarded the special Royal Medal of the order of Knighthood (Ridderorde) of “the House of Oranje Nassau”. The Queen’s Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Ivo van Opstelten, personally decorated brother Santoe with the prestigious Medal on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

During a majestic assembly in the “Hall of Knights” within the City Hall Building of Rotterdam his citation was solemnly announced. Besides his official duties in the government services of Surinam and the Netherlands for more that 45 years, special mention was made of his lifelong voluntary dedication for communal work. His never ceasing efforts for the integration of the Ahmadiyya community into the Dutch society and his services for Ahmadiyyat in its widest sense were particularly mentioned. On the occasion the Mayor praised Mr. Santoe's favorite maxim or motto: “Ignorance is the fiercest enemy of man”.

Congratulations to brother Santoe and his family from Hazrat Ameer, the Central Anjuman and the worldwide Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement.

Mr Santoe, receiving the honour, is on the right.

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