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International Convention
Sydney, Australia, 2000

Report by the General Secretary
Muhammad Nazeem-ud-Dean Sahu Khan

The International Convention of the Sydney Branch of Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-I Islam (Lahore) was held at the Masonic Hall in Blacktown, New South Wales, from 29 September 2000 to 1 October 2000. The theme of the Convention was "Islam the Universal Religion".

Alhamdollilah it was a grand success.

The week preceding the Convention saw the arrival of the delegates from the following countries, and interstate:

  1. Suriname: Brother Kariem Ashraf
  2. Pakistan: Brigadier Muhammad Saeed
  3. Fiji: Maulana Abdul Salaam, Brothers Mehboob Raza, Mukhtar Buksh, Imran Sahu Khan, Altaf Buksh, Masuood Raza and Sister Shabana Sahu Khan
  4. Trinidad: Maulana Kemal Hydal and his wife, Mrs Nareema Hydal
  5. Canada: Brother Yaseen Sahu Khan
  6. U.S.A.: sister Samina Malik
  7. New Zealand: Brother Abid Raza, Mr and Mrs Abu Munam, sisters Nareeman Sahib and her daughter
  8. Mr Manzoor Raza and Mrs Batulan Raza from Adelaide.

A Message and well wishes for the success of the Convention was also sent from Brother Muhammad Ameen Sahu Khan.

All the delegates stayed at the Board members' houses and may Almighty Allah reward them and their families for this.

Jumah on the day of the Convention was held in the Hall, and was conducted by Maulana Kemal Hydal.

The official programme for the Convention commenced on Friday 29 September 2000 at approximately 7.30 pm, with the official opening ceremony. The M.C. for the night was Brother S.D Sahu Khan. Quran Tilawaat was done by Brother Zaffrullah Sahu Khan. This was followed by a welcome speech by the President of the Sydney Branch, Dr A.H. Sahu Khan.

Then there was an address by the Mayor of Blacktown, Mr Allan Pendleton, after whom the opening of the Convention was done by the Chief Guest, the Honourable Member of Federal Parliament for Greenway, Mr Frank Mossfield.

After the official ceremony Brother Muhammad Nazeem Ud-Dean Sahu Khan spoke on "Our Society". Following his speech Brigadier Saeed the representative from Central Anjuman read out Hazrat Ameer's message, and then dinner was served.

Fajr prayer was held in the hall on Saturday and Sunday. The namaz and Quran Dars was conducted by Maulana Kemal Hydal.

The programme on Saturday 30 September 2000 commenced at 10 am with Quran Tilawaat by Sister Malka Shah. There were two sessions for the day, and the Quran Tilawaat for the afternoon session was done by Master Zafar Sahu Khan, son of Mr Zafrullah Sahu Khan. The M.C. for the day was Brother Muhammad Nazeem Ud-Dean Sahu Khan. There were six very inspiring speeches delivered on Saturday by the following members of our Jamaat:

  1. Dr A.H. Sahu Khan
  2. Maulana Kemal Hydal (Two lectures)
  3. Sister Samina Malik
  4. Maulana Abdul Salaam
  5. Sister Shabana Sahu Khan.

There was also a Nazam by Brother Zafrullah Sahu Khan.

Zuhr and Asr prayers were combined, and was led by Maulana Abdul Salaam.

The speeches ended with an excellent discussion/question session.

Both lunch and dinner were provided.

The programme on Sunday commenced at 10 am, with a Quran Tilawaat by the President of the New Zealand Branch, Mr Abid Raza. The M.C. during the morning session was brother Dr. M.A Sahu Khan.

The speeches during the morning session on Sunday 1 October 2000 were delivered by the following members:

  1. Maulana Abdul Salaam
  2. Brother Kariem Ashraf
  3. Maulana Kemal Hydal, and
  4. Sister Nur Jehan Alam.

The M.C. for the afternoon session was Brother Muhammad Nazeem Ud-Dean Sahu Khan, and it commenced with a Quran Tilawaat by Sisters Wariza and Loriza Sahu Khan, daughters of Usman Sahu Khan, and then speeches by the following persons:

  1. Sister Samina Malik, who also showed slides to all present
  2. Brigadier Muhammad Saeed
  3. Mr Yaseen Sahu Khan, and
  4. Brother Mehboob Raza.

There was another Nazam by Brother Zafrullah Sahu Khan.

After all the speeches were delivered, there was an appeal for donations for the purchase of a Centre for the Sydney Branch. Maulana Kemal Hydal spoke on this before an appeal was made. Alhamdollilah there was a marvellous response from all present. After conversion of all the foreign currency into Austarlian dollars, approximately $A30,000.00 was collected, and a further overwhelming promise by the Fiji Branch of $50,000.00 (Fijian dollars), however on the condition that a property be purchased first.

May Almighty Allah reward all those who contributed, as Almighty Allah has promised in Chapter 2 Verse 261of the Holy Quran that:

"The parable of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is as a parable of a grain growing seven years, in every ear a hundred grain. And Allah multiplies (further) for those whom He pleases. And Allah is ample-giving, knowing."

The Sydney Branch will now Insha Allah upon the availability of a suitable property purchase a Centre for the Anjuman. Future appeals both locally and internationally will be made in the near future.

After the Appeal for donations there was another Nazam led by Brothers Muhammad Imran Sahu Khan, Usman Sahu Khan and Zafrullah Sahu Khan whilst all present joined in.

Then the International Convention concluded with a dua by Brother Muhammad Usman Sahu Khan followed by dinner.

Firstly we thank Almighty Allah in making our first ever International Convention in Australia a success, and further, may Almighty Allah reward each person who contributed in any and the many ways to make this Convention a grand success, and Insha Allah there will be more Conventions held by the Sydney Branch in the future.

The magazine published for the Convention, "The Message", was also a great success.

Then on Monday 2 October 2000, a luncheon was held by the President of the Sydney Branch, Dr A.H. Sahu Khan at his residence for all Board members, their families, delegates from overseas and interstate. A healthy discussion was held on various issues pertaining to Religion and our Jamaat.

Dinner was also held for all the delegates at the residence of Dr M.A. Sahu Khan on Sunday 15 October 2000.

Then during the week following the Convention the delegates were taken on a tour, by their respective hosts. On Saturday 7 October 2000, Maulana Kemal Hydal, his wife and Brother Kariem Ashraf visited our Capital City Canberra and had lunch at Brother S.D. Sahu Khan's residence. They returned to Sydney on the same day and then Maulana Hydal conducted Quran Dars at the residence of Dr.A.H. Sahu Khan.

All the delegates from the Fiji Branch also visited Canberra where they resided at Brother S. D. Sahu Khan's residence.

Brigadier Muhammad Saeed visited Canberra on Monday 16 October 2000, and also resided with Brother S.D Sahu Khan for a night.

During his stay in Sydney Maulana Abdul Salaam also conducted a Quran Dars at Brother Zakir Sahu Khan's residence, where he also spoke on Maulana Muhammad Ali, as part of Maulana Muhammad Ali day.

All the food for the duration of the Convention was catered so all the members had ample opportunity to be present during the lectures, which was not only spiritually inspiring, but a fountain of knowledge for all present as well.

We had an excellent turn-out not only by members of our Jamaat, but many members of other Jamaats, and even non-muslims, who were very impressed, and thankful that they attended. May Almighty Allah reward them for their attendance despite the Olympics going on in Sydney.

As it was highighted by Maulana Kemal Hydal during the Convention that our Society is the only Internationally organised Islamic Society in the world, and we must continue with the solardarity Insha Allah.

Insha Allah we will tirelessly continue to propagate and present the beauty of Islam in its original splendor. In fact, as part of our Propagation effort, our Branch:

a) had free distribution of Islamic Literature;

b) a radio programme, where Maulana Hydal spoke live on a radio station;

c) supported a project whereby Maulana Kemal Hydal recorded the Namaz in Arabic into a disc and digital audio tape to be put on our Jamaat's site on the Internet.

We must continue to strive hard in the way of Allah with our wealth, time and knowledge that Almighty Allah has given us, and pray as stated in chapter 6 verse 163 of the Holy Quran that:

"Say: My prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are surely for Allah, the Lord of the worlds."

We thank all the Branches in their support to us whether it be in the way of sending delegates, donating money or their prayers for the success of our Convention. And we specially thank all the delegates who travelled far distances to be present at the great Jihad-an Kabir-an (Jazak Allah).

We also thank Almighty Allah in not only making us Muslims but also members of this great Jamaat Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-I-Islam (Lahore).

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