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Muhammad in World Scriptures

Muhammad in World Scriptures is a research work written to establish the claim of the Holy Quran that the prophets who arose in various nations and lands before the Holy Prophet Muhammad had prophesied his coming and instructed their own followers to accept and support the Promised Prophet when he would make his appearance. Since the Quran teaches that prophets before the Prophet Muhammad appeared in every nation, these prophecies are to be found in all world scriptures, not only in the Jewish and Christian scriptures, but also in the sacred books of the Hindu, Buddhist and Zoroastrian religions.

The author, Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi, carried out this research by learning the ancient, original languages of these scriptures, in particular Sanskrit, Hebrew and Greek, and studying the sacred books directly in those languages. In his extensive study, he has made use of commentaries, dictionaries and encyclopaedias compiled by the followers of those scriptures themselves as well as by independent scholars. These sources are referred to throughout the book. To collect material for his work, he visited libraries in many countries of the world, including India, England and the United States.

The prophecies unearthed by the Maulana not only speak of the coming of the Prophet Muhammad but also mention his qualities, achievements, and significant events of his life, and indicate that he would bring perfect, everlasting religious teachings, and the eternal "kingdom of God". The author discusses that the given signs are met with in no other person than the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

First published as a slim book in 1940 in Lahore, Muhammad in World Scriptures was greatly expanded by the author for the second edition which was published in 3 volumes during the years 1966 to 1975. The first U.S.A. edition of this work has been under preparation for some time, and is being published in stages. The new publication is being entirely re-typeset and re-designed in a considerably improved style. The text of the book is being thoroughly checked with the original sources, and corrected and reorganised wherever necessary.

Volume 1 of the new edition is now being published (December 1998), dealing with prophecies about the Holy Prophet Muhammad in the Bible. (ISBN: 0-913321-59-1)

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