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22. Last words of leaflet

  • The last words of Ayk Ghalati Ka Izala are the following:

“Hence the person who maliciously accuses me of claiming prophethood and messengership is a liar and evil-minded. It is the form of burooz which has made me a prophet and a messenger, and it is on this basis that God has called me nabi and rasul again and again, but in the sense of burooz. My own self does not come into it, but that of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of God be upon him. It was on this account that I was called ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Ahmad’. So prophethood and messengership did not go to another person. What belonged to Muhammad remained with Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.”
  • These words show that:

    • Anyone accusing him of claiming to be a prophet is a liar, malicious and evil-minded.
    • He mentions “the sense of burooz.”and that is a non-prophet.
    • He says “I was called ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Ahmad’ ”. By being called Muhammad and Ahmad he did not actually become Muhammad and Ahmad. By being called nabi and rasul he did not actually become a prophet.
    • “Prophethood and messengership did not go to another person” but remained with the Holy Prophet Muhammad. It means that no one else (meaning Hazrat Mirza) becomes a prophet, but that he reflects the true image of the Prophet Muhammad to the world.

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