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Claims and position of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:
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17. Quote about all prophets being with shariah – 1
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17. Quote about all prophets being with shariah – 1

  • According to Hazrat Mirza, those who receive revelation without shariah are saints, not prophets. He writes:

“The point is worth remembering that to call the denier of one’s claim as kafir is only the privilege of those prophets who bring a shariah and new commandments from God. But apart from possessors of shariah (sahib-i shariah), all the others who are muhaddas, no matter how high a rank they may have with God, and be exalted with the robe of Divine revelation, no one becomes a kafir by denying them.”
Tiryaq al-Qulub, October 1902, p. 130, footnote.

  • This shows that apart from prophets with a shariah any one else is a muhaddas. So the term ‘prophet without a shariah’ means not a prophet but a muhaddas.

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