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Reviews of Muhammad, The Prophet

Islamic Culture, April 1935:

Indeed two books: (1) Muhammad The Prophet, (2) The Early Caliphate, by Muhammad Ali, together constitute the most complete and satisfactory history of the early Muslims hitherto compiled in English."

The New Orient, March 1925:

"A translation of the Holy Quran into English with brief commentary, a truly monumental work, already stands as a witness to the achievements of the Maulana's labour of love. He has now produced a biography of the Prophet of Islam in English . . . It is not only Muslims who should feel grateful to him for the publication. The book should, indeed, give greater gratification to the English-speaking non-Muslims, whom it gives an opportunity of knowing the truth about the life and personality of one who is admitted on all hands to be the greatest reformer in the history of the world."

The Civil and Military Gazatte, Lahore, 14 March 1925:

"Of the manner in which the life of the Prophet has been described, there is hardly any necessity to speak, beyond saying that it is written in authoritative and interesting fashion, and from a historical point of view will be well worth perusal by adherents of religions other than Islam."
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