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Reviews of A Manual of Hadith

The Tribune, Lahore, 31 December 1944:

"A Manual of Hadith is, in reality, a digest of Islam, being an excellent collection of the Quranic quotations and significant sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad on numerous subjects which almost cover the whole range of human experience. . . . For students of comparative religions it will serve as an exceedingly useful guide to Islamic studies. The book is written in gripping style and will be considered in the religious world as a standard work of enduring value and a lucid exposition of the Muslim culture."

Islamic Culture, Vol. xviii, 1944:

"His great zeal for Islam has enabled him at his present advanced age to produce yet another work of great interest and importance, viz., A Manual of Hadith. It is a collection of the traditions of the Prophet arranged according to their subjects such as Faith, Revelation, Prayer, Alms, Fasting, Jihad, Marriage, Gifts, Wills and Inheritance, Food and Drinks.

The translation combines the qualities of accuracy, clarity and readability to a high degree."

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