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Reviews of Living Thoughts of the Prophet Muhammad

Times of Ceylon, 3 September 1948:

"Muhammad Ali needs hardly any introduction to the student of Islam. His translation of the Holy Quran and fragments of the Prophet's traditions, besides other masterly contributions towards Islamic literature, are well known, both in the East and the West.

The book under review is the latest study of the Prophet Muhammad who, within a period of a little over 20 years, changed the destiny of the whole of Arabia and whose followers became masters of a state much bigger than that of Rome, seven decades after the Prophet's demise.

The beauty of this small book is that it embraces cultural, social and political activities of the Prophet within the compass of hardly 142 pages. The qualities of the Prophet, his lively human understanding, his sensibilities and penetrative intellect are illumined in an entertaining manner.

Apart from the biographical sketch of the Prophet so beautifully done by Muhammad Ali, the last few chapters of the book like 'Character Building', 'Wealth', 'Work and Labour', 'Home Life' and 'The State' help the reader to have a graphic view of Islam's attitude to such important subjects.

I think this entertaining book should form part of the education of every person who aspires to know the life and career of a great historical personality."

Dublin Magazine, July-September 1948:

"In this admirably written and carefully documented account of the Prophet's life and work, Muhammad Ali indicates the sources of the latter's power over the Arab world: his complete integrity, simplicity, and exalted spiritual vision. The quotations from the Quran, his actions and his sayings show an extraordinary understanding of men and his unwavering faith in the mercy and justice of God."

The Bulletin, 22 April 1948:

"No reader will be able to doubt the sincerity either of the author or the Prophet himself, whose thoughts are illustrated by many quotations from the Koran."

Sunday Statesman, 30 May 1948:

"A welcome addition to the 'Living Thoughts' series, for the Prophet still needs just presentment to the Western world, long misled by prejudiced writers who have never accounted for the amazing success he achieved in changing the lives of a whole people sunk in the depths of idolatrous degradation, nor for the miraculous spread of the faith and the deep hold it has today on the hearts of men."

Aryan Path, September 1948:

"This is an admirable presentation of the living and luminous thoughts of the Prophet of Arabia. It reveals clearly the soul of the Quran, the understanding of which, even in translation, is not seldom difficult for a non-Muslim. There is also a brief sketch of the Prophet's life which serves as a useful avenue to the mind and message of the illustrious teacher. . . . The 'presenter' is a well known authentic interpreter of Islam; so his rendering is stamped with correctness and competence.
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