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Send for your free pack of booklets on Islam

written by famous Islamic scholars

The free pack contains:

Subject matter:
Written by:
Islam, The Religion of Humanity Basics of Islam Maulana Muhammad Ali
The Prophet of Islam Brief life of Prophet Muhammad Maulana Muhammad Ali
Islam, My Only Choice Islamic beliefs contrasted with other religions Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din
Islam and Christianity Comparison of their doctrines N. A. Faruqui

and also our color catalog of books.

To request your free pack, please complete the form below by typing into the boxes and then click the button 'Submit these details'.

Note: We cannot send these books to Pakistan.
The Law of the Government of Pakistan prohibits us from sending our literature to the general Muslim public of Pakistan. If you are in Pakistan, please provide us with an alternative address for you outside Pakistan, where we can send the free pack.

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