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Reviews of The Early Caliphate

Islamic Culture, April 1935:

Indeed two books: (1) Muhammad The Prophet, (2) The Early Caliphate, by Muhammad Ali, together constitute the most complete and satisfactory history of the early Muslims hitherto compiled in English."

The New Orient, March 1925:

"Maulana Muhammad Ali's interesting narrative of the history of Early Caliphate in Islam would show that ideal democracy and ideal theocracy are nothing but synonymous and interchangeable terms in actual practice. The book, which has ample evidence of the author's learning, would be found a most useful source of information to students of Islamic history and political ideals."

The Muslim Times, Madras, 14 January 1933:

"Early Caliphate is bound to have unique authority in Islamic history. The author has shed light on an obscure corner and demonstrated that the work of the disciples and followers was a continuation and completion of the Holy Prophet's mission. The book is written in a simple, idiomatic style and got up splendidly."

The Hindu, Madras, 9 January 1933:

"Maulana Muhammad Ali ... a leading writer on Islamic subjects, is well known throughout the English-speaking world by his translation of the Holy Quran. In bringing out the handy volume before us, The Early Caliphate, which makes us understand in a clearer light what Mr. H. G. Wells has characterised as 'the most amazing story of conquest in the history of our race', he does a signal service to the cause of Islam. It is a natural sequel to its predecessor Muhammad, The Prophet . . .

The main object of the author in this publication is to remove the prevailing misconceptions about the great and noble deeds of the most righteous Caliphs."

United India and Indian States, Delhi, January 1933:

Maulana Muhammad Ali is very well known in this country and abroad as a writer on Islam and comparative religion. His books are widely read and widely circulated.

The author gives convincing and cogent arguments to show that the wars fought by the Muslims were forced on them by their enemy. . . .

The author has a few admirable pages on the decisive battle of Yarmuk fought during the days of Umar. . . . The glorious deeds of Muslim soldiers, their sense of duty, the strength of their character, their generous treatment of non-Muslims, as related here, are sufficient to excite the admiration of even the most uncharitable critics of Islamic wars."

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